Our Services

At The Greek Gardener, our emphasis is on developing a landscape design to suit each client's needs. We provide distinctive designs from start to finish and for landscapes of all shapes, sizes and purposes. We can create a perennial garden to compliment your patio or a simple enhancement to any existing design.

Landscape Maintenance

The ongoing maintenance of your garden is essential not only to guarantee its aesthetic appearance and long-term health but also to protect your investment. We will customize the maintenance service and schedule based on the specific needs of your garden to help ensure the best results.

Perennial Gardening

Each perennial has a specific maintenance regimen to showcase each plant’s strength and attributes. We will provide expert advice on plant selection, planning, and scheduling for bed preparation, when and how to deadhead to promote longer blooming cycles, thinning out, and sanitation.


It is important to frequently prune shrubs and small trees around your home because pruning removes old growth and dead wood as well as new shoots so the plant retains its natural appearance according to the plants species or variety and within the scale of the landscape or garden. We will provide expert pruning in natural form.

Garden Restoration and Design

It is important to freshen up your existing beds and old plantings by pruning them and adding plantings to create unique and evolving gardens. We will provide expertise in restoring and revitalizing your gardens.